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Hello :)

Patrick was my first encounter when I stepped off the boat bound for Toronto and the opening of television. November 1953, and we both huddled at the YMCA from the bitter cold. I met him again years later at the Topanga Canyon clothing optional resort. We were both starkers. A dear man, and always cheerful and outgoing.

It is only since being able to watch all the re-runs of The Avengers with Diana Rigg and Linda Thorson that I realise what a wonderful actor and personality we have lost. I just wish the channel would re-run the original Avengers with Honor Blackman. The real pity is that so much of his TV work before The Avengers was not recorded so we can only look at pictures. What charisma he had and so few actors today of his class.

What I keep wondering: Is there no audio tape of Macnee's Pride and prejudice (1958)? After all people used to record TV sound on reel-to-reel tape. There are a few dozen pictures from that show... If only we could find the audio, it could make a really nice reconstruction. (The show itself is lost, I checked with the Canadian broadcaster.)

Fond memories of Patrick and his son Rupert

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