On 6th February 2015, The World of Patrick Macnee website launched to mark Patrick Macnee’s 93rd birthday.
Dear Patrick,
Your fans all over world still love you, your character John Steed, and all the other roles you have played in your long and impressive career. To many thousands of fans, including ourselves, you have been and always will be an icon - our favourite actor and such a gentleman. You have entertained us, regaled us with your stories, and always had time for your fans. We are so grateful, and look forward to sending you another birthday greeting next year.

In the meantime, enjoy the sun, the love of your family and friends, and we hope you appreciate this website - our gift to you and to your many fans.
With love and warm wishes,

WoPM Web Team
(Christine, Denis and Alan)
Mona Morstein
Daniel Patrick Macnee has said he has lived a life and not just had a career. His fans across the world and across the decades would certainly agree with those perfectly descriptive words.

Patrick Macnee is no doubt best known for his role as John Steed, Esq, in the English TV series The Avengers, and a few years later its sequel, The New Avengers. What made the character of John Steed so fascinating, entertaining and intriguing was the way Patrick masterfully portrayed him. Steed evolved as a human being, changing and maturing as the series continued and as his female co-partners changed. Steed was a complex, complicated and multi-layered character which Patrick created from his own imagination, energy and acting talents.

Yet, Patrick was an actor long before The Avengers and long after, on stage, TV and film. Those of us who have tracked down as many VCR tapes/DVDs as we could have huge libraries of Patrick Macnee in all sorts of dramatic and comedic roles, full of variety, portraying many different types of characters. Macnee was in Sleuth in one of the longest running plays in New York City. He was in a James Bond movie A View To A Kill with Roger Moore (a long time friend of his). Having moved to the US in 1973, he was magnificent in many America shows as well, being a charismatically fast-talking aspect of himself in Diana (Diana Rigg's sitcom); frightening, creepy and intelligent in an episode of The Ray Bradbury Theatre; hilarious in Coach; heart-renderingly sentimental in Jack's Place; and absolutely undeniably brilliant in Dream On. But, if you search his profile, you'll see pages and pages of work he has done, all bringing enjoyment to his fans for a good fifty years.

Beyond his delightful acting skills, the only thing that could surpass that is Patrick's friendly, charming, welcoming personality. While some actors put up walls and develop haughtiness and arrogance, Patrick has always been the sweetest guy around. Everyone has always loved working with him, and I never heard of any fan meeting him without reporting how great he one to one, how he never put on airs or was "too big" to smile and chat with a fan. The combination of great actor and refreshingly pleasant person is a rare phenomenon and Patrick Macnee exemplifies both categories without a doubt.

For all of us who have been so thankful for all he's done in his career and for his gracious kindness to us as fans, we are extremely excited to create this website, devoted to illustrating all aspects of Patrick Macnee: his career, his goodness of heart, his family connections, and of course, his love of small dogs! We are sincerely thankful that Patrick seemed to inherit his mother's genes, and is still alive, kicking around at 93, living in Rancho Mirage, California, where he is cared for by his son and daughter. We hope he keeps on kicking for years to come!

by Mona Morstein