The CBC archive
holds in its collection many photographs from productions featuring Patrick Macnee, such as
School for Scandal (January 1953)
Othello as Cassio
(February 1953)
The Bridge
(April 1953)
At My Heart's Core
(November 1953)
Captain Carvallo as Carvallo
(December 1953)
The Broken Jug (March 1954)
Billy Budd (April 1955) as Lieutenant Seymore with Basil Rathbone and William Shatner
Hamlet as Horatio
(April 1955)
Depth 300 as Lieutenant Brooks
(October 1958)
Pride and Prejudice as Mr Darcy (December 1958)
The Browning Version as Frank Hunter (February 1960)

The following television plays featuring Patrick Macnee are preserved in the CBC Archive:

Othello (February 12, 1953) CBC Television Theatre
This was the first Shakespeare production done for CBC television. Othello is adapted by David Greene and the production stars Lorne Greene in the title role, Patrick Macnee as Cassio.

Duke in Darkness (October 6, 1953) CBC Television Theatre
A suspense drama, set in the 16th century by Patrick Hamilton and adapted for television by David Greene. A duke who's imprisoned for 15 years in a castle in France feigns blindness for five years to lull the suspicions of his captors in order to plan his escape. Then his faithful servant, unable to bear the strain, goes mad and is drugged to death by the duke's supporters who have arranged for the duke's escape.

At My Heart's Core (November 10, 1953) CBC Television Theatre
A play by Robertson Davies adapted for television by Robert Christie. At My Heart's Core is a tale of the early settlers in Upper Canada and portrays the lives of three pioneers, Introduction by Robertson Davies, Macnee as

Winds of Heaven (December 22, 1953) CBC Television Theatre
A play of the British author Emlyn Williams adapted for television by Silvio Narizzano on a Welsh legend about a peasant child who is believed to be the Christ child

Captain Carvallo (December 29, 1953) General Motors presents
Patrick Macnee had the main role in a romantic three-act comedy by Denis Cannan adapted by David Green, about a country girl's meeting with a Don Juan. Patrick Macnee as Captain Carvallo.

The Queen's Ring (March 5, 1955 ) On Camera                       
The story of Queen Elizabeth I and Lord Essex. Cast: Patrick Macnee, Douglas Campbell, Eleanor Stuart, Francis Hyland, Bill Needles, Bernard Slade, Glynne Morris.

Hamlet (April 24, 1955) CBC Television Theatre
A performance of William Shakespeare's tragedy 'Hamlet'. The performance was adapted by David Greene in cooperation with Vincent Tovell. Patrick Macnee as Horatio.

Billy Budd (April 26, 1955) General Motors presents
A play based on the novel by Herman Melville. Set in the year 1783 aboard H.M.S. Indomitable, then at war with  the French, the story of an innocent young sailor hanged from the ship's mast as a result of violence and corruption among the crew. Patrick Macnee as Lieutenant Seymore, with Basil Rathbone as the ship's captain and William Shatner as seaman Billy Budd.

Macbeth (September 25, 1955) CBC Folio
The classic play written by William Shakespeare, produced and adapted for television by David Greene with Patrick Macnee as Macduff.

Night of the Plague (June 9, 1957)

A play by Lester Powell. A pathologist working in a hospital is called upon to perform an autopsy on a man who has died mysteriously. His findings lead him to a web of government agents, intrigue, national security and the possibility of an outbreak of bubonic plague.

Seeds of Power (October 3, 1957) First Performance
A suspense drama by Arthur Hailey involving a nuclear power plant in India.

The Browning Version (February 2, 1960) Ford Startime
A play by Terence Rattigan about an English classics master who has grown old before his time. The action of the play takes place on the last day of the term which is also the last day Crocker-Harris will teach, as he has been forced to resign because of a heart condition. One of his pupils gives him a farewell gift and from this incident arises the conflict between the teacher, his wife, and her lover, Frank Hunter (Patrick Macnee) who is everything that Crocker-Harris is not.

Shadow of a Pale Horse (March 1, 1960)
As Kirk in an Australian drama by Bruce Stewart, directed by Paul Almond.

The Queen's Peace (from April 24, 1960) General Motors presents
London Metropolitan Police Sergeant Pine (Patrick Macnee) helps a boy offender re-establish himself insociety despite opposition from the boy's family. Concern for the boy's welfare brings the policeman into conflict with his own superiors forcing him to make a choice between duty, career and personal feelings.

Information about and photographs of Patrick Macnee’s Canadian television plays can also be found on the website of Paul’s Almond. Mr Almond worked with Patrick on several television productions.

The Liar, 1955
The Queen's Ring, 1955
The Return of Don Juan, 1955 / new version recorded 1957
Our Lady's Tumbler,
Night of the Plague,
Seeds of Power,
Pride and Prejudice,
Shadow of a Pale Horse,

The TV play The Return of Don Juan (1955) was not repeated in 1957, as noticed on some sites, actually in 1957 a new version this TV play was recorded with almost the same cast, but with a main change - Lloyd Bochner instead Patrick.