The UCLA Film and Television Archive holds the following television productions:.

A Night to Remember (Kraft Television Theatre) 28.3.1956

The ship Titanic sailed from Southampton, England, at 12 Noon, April 10, 1912. Publicized as virtually unsinkable, the fastest ship afloat was on her maiden voyage, and carried many notables aboard. Four days later, a little after 11:30 in the evening, the ship was speeding through the North Atlantic when a lookout reported an iceberg ahead. Thirty-seven seconds later the ship struck the berg; three hours later the ship was on the ocean floor. Aboard the ship had been 2200 souls; 700 survived. Tonight Kraft Theatre dramatized Walter Lord's best-selling factual book A Night to Remember.
Patrick Macnee as Thomas Andrews

Case of Colonel Petrov (Armstrong Circle Theatre) 17.4.1956

This is the true story of Colonel Vladimir Petrov, the chief of the Russian Secret Police. Petrov wants to defect, but his wife is a firm believer in communism. He befriends Dr. Michael Bialoguski of Australian Intelligence who helps him get away and arranges for Petrov's wife to be flown 'Down Under' on the pretext that her husband was killed by Australian authorities. The couple is successfully reunited and the colonel provides many useful details on the Soviet's spy efforts in Australia.
Patrick Macnee as Quayle

The Piper of St. James (Alcoa Hour) 8.7.1956

Jamie, scion of a Canadian shipping family, spends his time in pursuit of wine, women and song. All this is before the coming of Hamish MacGregor, a Scottish bagpiper who arrives, complete with bagpipes, and announces that in accordance with family tradition, he has been willed to Jamie.
Patrick Macnee as Charlie

Jane Eyre (NBC Matinee Theatre) 16.5.1957

From the novel by Charlotte Bronte: A young woman, Jane Eyre, encounters strange happenings when she becomes governess to the ward of the wealthy Englishman, Edward Rochester, at Thornfield.
Patrick Macnee as Edward Rochester

The Avenging of Anne Leete (NBC Matinee Theater) 23.5.1957

An old man reminisces about his romance with a young woman named Anne Leete. One day many years ago, she did not appear for their usual rendezvous, and disappeared. Her broken-hearted sweetheart claims he saw her ghost six months later, and he resolves to secure a confession from the man he believes killed her.

Voice in the Night (Suspicion) 26.5.1958

Based on a story by William Hope Hodgson. The survivors of a shipwreck escape to an island where a strange fungus grows on everything and begins to grow on everyone.
Patrick Macnee as Biersdorf

Strange Occurrence at Rokesay (Alcoa Theatre) 7.10.1958

A young British Royal Air Force officer is assigned to the control tower at an important military airfield in England, and is given a forewarning of an impending plane crash and the whereabouts of the survivors.
Patrick Macnee as Sgt. Shaw

Markham. The Counterfeit Stamps 25.7.1959

Mission of Danger

Warner Brothers Film from 1959
Patrick Macnee as Colonel Harrison Trent

Diana. You Can't Go Back 12.11.1973

Patrick Macnee, Diana's Avengers co-star, appears in this episode about the rekindling of an old romance. Macnee plays an old flame who melts Diana with his charm, then drives her crazy with his self-centered ways.