When We Are Married
St. Francis Theatre, Letchworth, UK  (1940, for five days)
Role: Gerald Forbes
Main Cast: ?
Writer: J. B. Priestley

The Good Young Man
Prince's Theatre, Bradford, UK  (February 1941, about a week)
Role: Bob
Main Cast: Peter Vernon, Sheila Brownrigg, Betty England, Douglas Ives, Nan Braunton
Writer: Kenneth Horne

The Squall
Prince's Theatre, Bradford, UK  (February 1941, about a week)
Role: ?
Main Cast: Elsie Henighan, John Longden, Peter Vernon, Sheila Brownrigg, Betty England
Writer: Jean Bart  Settings: H. A. Bunnens

Painted Sparrows
Prince's Theatre, Bradford, UK  (February 1941, about a week)
Role: ?
Main Cast: Douglas Ives, Nan Braunton, George Mudie, John Longden, Betty England
Writers: Guy Paxton and Edward V. Hoile

Five Plays

The Comedy Theatre, London, UK  (2 - 10 May 1941) 16 performances (2 perf in day)
Young man (Their Finest Hour)
Air Force Officer (The Uneasy Peace)
Richard I (The Old World and the New)
Main Cast (Their Finest Hour): Arthur Burne, Arthur Maude, Michael Whittaker, Henry Morrell
Main Cast (The Uneasy Peace): Margaret Lloyd, William Hutchison, Shirley Newman
Main Cast (The Old World and the New): Townshend Whitling, William Hutchison, Robert Moreton
Producer: Reginald Long  Writer: Gilbert Nathan

Broken Blossoms
UK  (1941)
Role: ?
Main Cast: ?
Writer: Thomas Burke

Little Women
Prince's Theatre, Bradford, UK  (from 7 July 1941, about a week)
New Theatre, Hull, UK  (14 - 19 July 1941)
Theatre Royal, Bath, UK  (28 July - 2 August 1941)
Opera House, Manchester, UK  (11 - 16 August 1941)
Theatre Royal, Exeter, UK  (18 - 23 August 1941)
Theatre Royal, Nottingham, UK  (1 - 6 September 1941)
Assembly Hall Theatre, Kent, UK  (16 - 20 September 1941)
Theatre Royal, Glasgow, UK  (20 - 25 October 1941)
Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool, UK  (27 October - 2 November 1941)
Theatre Royal, Newcastle, UK  (November 1941, about a week)
King's Theatre, Edinburgh, UK  (November 1941)
Grand Theatre, Leeds, UK  (to 13 December 1941, about a week)
Westminster Theatre, London, UK  (22 December 1941 - 7 February 1942) 56 performances
Tour in UK
Role: Laurie
Main Cast: Barbara Douglas, Marjone Cooper, Christine Adrian, Mavis Pugh, Hilda Baylev
Producer: William Holles  Writer: Marian de Forest from the story by Louisa May Alcott

Once There Was Music
Q Theatre, London, UK  (from 10 March 1942)
Role: Jan Marek
Main Cast: Wanda Rotha, Peter Murray-Hill, Ernest Thesiger, Douglas Harns, Valentine Clemow
Producer: Rudolph Bernauer  Writer: Merton Hodge  Settings: Joseph Carl

Romance in 'A' Flat
Royal Theatre, Huddersfield, UK  (from 8 June 1942, about a week)
Prince of Wales Theatre, Cardiff, UK  (from 15 June 1942, about a week)
Prince's Theatre, Bradford, UK  (June - July 1942, about a week)
Grand Theatre, Halifax, UK  (from 6 July 1942, about a week)
New Theatre, Hull, UK  (from 13 July 1942, about a week)
Tour in England
Role: Peter Matthews
Main Cast: Christine Silver, Jean Short, Barbara Douglas, George Carney, Philip Barrett
Producer: Philip Barrett  Writer: Newton Joyce

The Assassin
The Lyric Theatre, London, UK  (15 October - 9 November 1946) 27 performances
Role: Lieutenant Baker
Main Cast: Peter Glenville, John Westbrook, Ursula Howells, Simon Lack
Director: E. Martin Browne  Writer: Peter Yates  Settings: Anthony Holland

The White Devil
The Duchess Theatre, London, UK  (6 March - 7 June 1947) 108 performances
Role: Spanish ambassador, Hortensio
Main Cast: Leonard White, John Toray, Roderick Lovell, Margaret Rawlings, Robert Helpmann
Director: Michael Benthall  Writer: John Webster  Settings: Paul Sheriff

Julius Caesar
Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield, UK  (from 19 January 1948)
Role: Mark Antony
Main Cast: Neil Wilson, Hilton Bowden, Edward Cleathero, Charles Sewell, Harold Jones
Writer: William Shakespeare

Bates Wharf

Whitehall Theate, London, UK  (25 April 1948) 1 performance
Role: Johnny
Main Cast: Muriel Russell, Jordan Lawrence, William Sylvester, Terence Soall, Hattie Jacques, Helen Cherry
Producer: David Peel  Writer: Barbara Vereker  Settings: Berkeley Sutcliffe

If This Be Error
Q Theatre, London, UK  (from 13 December 1949)
Role: Charles Moore
Main Cast: Joan Marion, John Stuart, Dorothy Batley, Mary Moms, Pauline Winter
Producer: Joan Swinstead  Writer: Rachel Grieve  Settings: William Chappell

The Wind and the Rain
Theatre Royal, Windsor, UK  (1950)
Role: Charles Tritton
Main Cast: ?
Writer: Merton Hodge

Wuthering Heights
Theatre Royal, Windsor, UK  (8 - 13 May 1950)
Role: Edgar Linton
Main Cast: Diana Graves, Joseph O'Conor, George S. Wray, Margaret Wedlake, Ruth Goddard
Producer: Hugh Cruttwell  Writer: Emily Brontë  Adaptation: John Davison

The Family Honour
New Lindsey Theatre, London, UK  (from 2 June 1950)
Role: John Durham
Main Cast: Charles Maunsell, Joan Maude, Edward Byrne, Robert Mooney, Diana Cumming
Producers: Nancy Price and Fred O'Donovan  Writer: Laurence Housman  Settings: Richard Lake

Summer Days Dream
Theatre Royal, Windsor, UK  (4 - 9 September 1950)
Role: ?
Main Cast: ?

Theatre Royal, Windsor, UK  (from 5 March 1951)
Role: ?
Main Cast: ?
Writer: Mary Chase

The Heiress
Theatre Royal, Windsor, UK  (early 1950s)
Role: Morris Townsend
Main Cast: ?
Writers: Ruth and Augustus Goetz

The School for Scandal
Theatre Royal, Windsor, UK  (16 - 21 April 1951)
Role: ?
Main Cast: ?
Writer: Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Home at Seven
Theatre Royal, Windsor, UK (23 - 28 April 1951)
Role: ?
Main Cast: Malcolm Russell, Mary Kerridge, Helen Horsey, Colin Douglas, Diana King, Charles Cameron
Writer: R. C. Sherriff

Victoria Regina
Theatre Royal, Windsor, UK (7 - 19 May 1951)
Role: Prince consort
Main Cast: Margaret Wedlake, Patrick Cargill
Writer: Laurence Housman
On stage photo
Curtain Up, Victoria Regina, Festival Number, Vol V No.5 (1951),p.7
Publicity photo
from the production on "Victoria Regina"
from the Patrick Macnee Facebook site

An Instrument of Justice
Theatre Royal, Windsor, UK  (21 - 26 May 1951)
Role: Pieter Klee
Main Cast: Patrick Cargill, Malcolm Russell, Helen Horsey, Diana King, Katherine Blake
Producer: Hugh Cruttwell  Writer: Norman O. Taylor

Rest Hour
Theatre Royal, Windsor, UK  (from 9 July 1951)
Role: Donald Gray
Main Cast: Diana King, Patrick Cargill, Margaret Wedlake, Ward Williams, Michael Newell
Producer: Joan Riley  Writers: Patrick Cargill and Jack Beale

Captain Carvallo
Theatre Royal, Windsor, UK  (1 - 6 October 1951)
Role: Captain Carvallo
Main Cast: ?
Writer: Denis Cannan

Vaudeville Theatre, London, UK  (? - 27 October 1951)
Role: Nicholas
Main Cast: George Relph, Isabel Jeans, Ronald Squire, Nicholas Phipps, Veronica Hurst
Director: Anthony Pelissier  Writer: Jean Anouilh  Settings and wardrobe: Fanny Taylor

Note: Patrick replaced actor Ronald Howard.

Mansfield Park
Theatre Royal, Windsor, UK  (19 - 24 November 1951)
Role: Henry Crawford
Main Cast: Geraldine McEwan, Victor Adams, Enid Hewit, Heather Stannard
Producer: Joan Riley  Writer: Jane Austen  Adaptation: Thea Holme and Joan Riley

The Rivals
UK  (early 1950s)
Role: ?
Main Cast: Polly Elwes
Writer: Richard Brinsley Sheridan

His Excellency
Theatre Royal, Windsor, UK  (21 - 26 January 1952)
Role: Major Charles Hugonin
Main Cast: Ruth Goddard, Geoffrey Tyrrel, Charles Cameron, Malcom Russell, William Mervyn
Producer: Hugh Cruttwell  Writers: Dorothy and Campbell Christie  Settings: Hal Henshaw

Theatre Programme of His Excellency

Black Coffee
Theatre Royal, Windsor, UK  (28 January - 2 February 1952)
Role: Richard Amory
Main Cast: Hedley Mattingley, Lucienne Hill, Ruth Goddard, Geoffrey Tyrrell, Patrick Cargill
Producer: Stafford Holme  Writer: Agatha Christie

The Holly and the Ivy

Theatre Royal, Windsor, UK  (3 - 8 September 1951)
Role: ?
Main Cast: ?
Writer: Wynyard Browne

The Vortex
Golders Green Hippodrome, London, UK  (1952)
Role: Tom Veryan
Main Cast: Neville Prescott, Adrianne Allen, Robert Andrews, Sylvia Coleridge, Isabel Jeans
Director: Michael Macowan  Writer: Noël Coward  Settings: G. E. Calthrop

New Theatre, Bromley, UK  (from 10 March 1952)
Role: Nicholas Grant
Main Cast: Heather Lee, Olga Frel, Marjorie Wilde, Avril Angers, Elizabeth Gray, William Roderick
Producer: John Oxford  Adaptation: Barbara Toy and Moie Charles

The Wedding Ring
Manchester Opera House, Lancashire, UK  (from 4 August 1952, about a week)
Grand Theatre, Leeds, UK  (11 - 16 August 1952)
            Prince of Wales Theatre, Cardiff, UK  (from 25 August 1952)    
      Cornwall Theatre, Worthing, UK  (August 1952)               
Tour in England
Role: Tom Gillies
Main Cast: Gladys Henson, Archibald Batty, Adrianne Allen, Irene Browne, Diana Allen, Peter Cushing
Director: Robert Helpmann  Writers: Kieran Tunney and Simon Warden

A Midsummer Night's Dream
Edinburgh Festival, Empire Theatre, Edinburgh, UK  (31 August - 11 September 1954)
Metropolitan Opera House, New York, USA  (21 September - 17 October 1954)
War Memorial Auditorium, San Francisco, USA  (27 October - 7 November 1954)
Auditorium, Sacramento, USA  (8 - 9 November 1954)
Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, USA  (12 - 21 November 1954)
Opera House, Chicago, USA  (25 November - 1 December 1954)
Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada  (14 - 16 December 1954)
Montreal Forum, Montreal, Canada  (17 - 18 December 1954)

Tour in USA and Canada
Role: Demetrius
Main Cast: Robert Helpmann, Moira Shearer, Stanley Holloway, Valerie Adams, Terence Longdon
Director: Michael Benthall  Writer: William Shakespeare  Settings and wardrobe: Robin and Christopher Ironside

Softly, Goldfish Mating
Wimbledon Theatre, London, UK  (27 September - early October 1971)
King's Theatre, Portsmouth, UK  (October 1971)
Theatre Royal, Brighton, UK  (11 - 16 October 1971)
The Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton, UK  (from 18 October 1971, about a week)
Tour in England
Role: Daniel Dirvish
Cast: Dinah Sheridan, Madeline Smith, Carmen Munroe, Jill Melford, Noel Trevarthen, Trevor May
Director: Philip Dudley  Writer: Frank Barbara  Settings: Henry Bardon

Absurd Person Singular
Phoenix Theatre, London, UK  (July 1973)
DuPont Theatre, Delaware, USA  (29 September - 4 October 1975)
The Royal Alexandra Theatre, Toronto, Canada  (6 - 25 October 1975)
Shubert Theatre, Chicago, USA  (28 October - 29 November 1975)
Fisher Theatre, Detroit, USA  (2 December 1975 - 4 January 1976)
Tour in USA
Role: Ronald
Main Cast: Sheila MacRae, Judy Carne, David Watson, Betsy von Furstenberg
Director: Eric Thompson  Writer: Alan Ayckbourn  Settings: Edward Burbridge

Made In Heaven
Chichester Festival Theatre, Chichester, UK  (15 July - September 1975)

July: Mon 14P, Tue 15F, Wed 16, Thu 17m, Fri 18, Sat 19e, Mon 21, Wed 23, Thu 24e, Fri 25, Sat 26m, Thu 31e

August: Sat 2m, Wed 6, Thu 7m, Sat 9e, Mon 11, Thu 14e, Sat 16m, Tue 19, Thu 21m, Fri 22,

Sat 23e, Mon 25, Wed 27, Thu 28e, Sat 30m

September: Tue 2, Thu 4m, Fri 5, Sat 6e, Mon 8, Tue 9, Thu 11m, Sat 13e, Wed 17, Thu 18e, Fri 19L

P = Preview

F = First Night

m = matinee

e = evening

L = Last Night

Role: Odd man
Main Cast: Patricia Routledge, Michael Bates, Tony Robinson, Kenneth Nelson, Jeremy Sinden
Director: Wendy Toye  Writer: Andrew Sachs  Settings: John Gunter

Programme/poster; Season poster 1975

The Grass Is Greener
Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Surrey, UK  (August 1979)
Theatre Royal, Norwich, UK  (August 1979, about a week)
Theatre Royal, Brighton, UK  (27 August - 1 September 1979)
Richmond Theatre, Surrey, UK  (September 1979)
Theatre Royal, Bath, UK  (from 17 September 1979, about a week)
Rex, Cheshire, UK  (24 - 29 September 1979)
Ashcroft, UK  (15 - 20 October 1979)
Royal Alexandra, Toronto, Canada  (31 March - 3 May 1980)
The Shangri-La Playhouse, Singapore  (16 - 21 September 1980)

Tour in England, Canada & Middle East
Role: Count Victor
Main Cast: Norman Eshley, Derren Nesbitt, Hilary Pritchard, Jennifer Wilson
Director: Val May  Writers: Hugh and Margaret Williams  Settings: Susie Caulcutt

Killing Jessica
Richmond Theatre, Surrey, UK  (29 October - 8 November 1986)
Savoy Theatre, London, UK  (19 November 1986 - 31 January 1987)
Role: Alex Dennison
Main Cast: David Langton, Jennie Linden, Liz Robertson, Angela Douglas
Director: Bryan Forbes  Writers: Richard Levinson and Wiliam Link  Settings: Tim Goodchild

Theatre Programme, Grand Theatre, Leeds

"Victoria Regina"
Publicity photo
Patrick Macnee on Facebook
Curtain Up, Victoria Regina, Festival Number, Vol V No.5 (1951),p.7