Düsseldorf, West Germany  (from mid-April 1949)
Thalia Theater, Hannover, West Germany  (from 11 May 1949)
Thalia Theater, Hamburg, West Germany  (21 - 23 May 1949)
Kiel, West Germany  (late May 1949)
Renaissance Theater, Berlin, West Germany  (June - July 1949)
Tour in West Germany
Role: Horatio
Main Cast: Hugh Burden, Peter Wigzell, Rex Garner, Noel Howlett, Gwen Vaughan
Director: Norman Marshall  Writer: William Shakespeare  Settings and costumes: Hedley Briggs

Theater Programme Hamlet Hannover 1949, London Gate Theatre Company

The Secretary Bird
Palace Theatre, Sydney, Australia  (18 September - 10 December 1969)
Princess Theatre, Melbourne, Australia  (from 31 March 1970)
Hunter Theatre, Newcastle, Australia  (Spring 1970)
Canberra Theatre, Canberra, Australia  (14 - 21 May 1970)
Brisbane, Australia  (the second quarter of 1970)
Comedy Theatre, Melbourne, Australia  (1 - late July 1970)
Royal Alexandra, Toronto, Canada  (23 April - 12 May 1973)
Tour in Australia and New Zealand (1970) / Tour in Canada (1973)
Role: Hugh Walford
Cast (Sydney): Fredric Abbott, Betty Dyson, Jan Kingsbury, Mary Miller
Cast (Melbourne): Anne Charleston, Noel Trevarthen, Barbara Stephens, Esme Melville
Writer: William Douglas Home
Director (initially): Philip Dudley  Settings (initially): Hutchinson Scott
Director (next): James Fishburn  Settings and wardrobe (Melbourne): Norma Tullo

The Secretary Bird - poster used by Palace Theatre, Sydney 1969

The Grass Is Greener
Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Surrey, UK  (August 1979)
Theatre Royal, Norwich, UK  (August 1979, about a week)
Theatre Royal, Brighton, UK  (27 August - 1 September 1979)
Richmond Theatre, Surrey, UK  (September 1979)
Theatre Royal, Bath, UK  (from 17 September 1979, about a week)
Rex, Cheshire, UK  (24 - 29 September 1979)
Ashcroft, UK  (15 - 20 October 1979)
Royal Alexandra, Toronto, Canada  (31 March - 3 May 1980)
The Shangri-La Playhouse, Singapore  (16 - 21 September 1980)
Tour in England, Canada & Middle East
Role: Count Victor
Main Cast: Norman Eshley, Derren Nesbitt, Hilary Pritchard, Jennifer Wilson
Director: Val May  Writers: Hugh and Margaret Williams  Settings: Susie Caulcutt

Theatre Poster from play The Grass Is Greener

House Guest

Brisbane, Australia (1982)
Regal Theatre, Perth, Australia (3 March - April 1982)
Canberra Theatre, Canberra, Australia (20 - 24 April 1982)
Princess Theatre, Melbourne, Australia (28 May - 19 June 1982)
Tour in Australia
Role: movie star
Cast: Rosemary Barr, Raymond Duparc, Polly Low, Margaret Ford, Leslie Wright
Director: Val May  Writer: Francis Durbridge  Settings: Gene Banducci